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A source of Encouragement, Equipment and Empowerment from Two of Nebraska's most inspirational active women!

Diane used to train Maggi during her professional athletic career as a top competitor on American Ninja Warrior. Diane's knowledge and talents a premier trainer and nutrition specialist in Nebraska have helped thousands of athletes achieve their athletic goals. After helping Maggi come back to full form from a Traumatic Brain Injury, the two are combining their knowledge, talents and inspiration to inspire other women around the world be ACTIVE, HEALTHY and of course, find their own JoyFlow!!! 

Maggi Thorne
6X Ninja Warrior, International Speaker

Maggi is an American Ninja Warrior 6x competitor who was the 2nd Mom up the warped wall and first to beat the salmon ladder. She is an NBC Spartan Ultimate Team Challenge 2X championship competitor, and a previous Mrs. International pageant winner in 2014.

She has placed 2nd in The World’s Toughest Mudder running 75 miles and completing 330 obstacles in 24 hours. 

Maggi travels the world passionately sharing her love for Jesus and motivational speaking inspiring men, women and children of all ages to Never Give Up and to “pursue your dreams no matter what life throws at you! “, Maggi graduated from the University of Nebraska at Lincoln and is also enrolled to obtain her Masters Degree in Biblical Studies from Colorado Christian University. 

No stranger to pain and trials, Maggi’s story of becoming a single mom,  raising her three children, and maintaining a career will encourage women on every level.  Her charisma and energy are magnetic and her faith in the gospel will leave you with a hope that God can truly give you beauty for ashes. 

Maggi served as a Global Ambassador for feedONE traveling the world in an effort to further feedONE's mission of wearing out help others with the gift of a nutritious meal. Recently she created a BOW patch with the Girl Scouts to inspire female entrepreneurship, empowerment and community engagement, which thousands of scouts have earned since 2019.


Maggi is a previous Governor's Award Winner for Inspiring Community Engagement and American Heart Association Heart of Gold Award Recipient. Professionally she speaks to hundreds of thousands on inspiration and never giving up in addition to engaging volunteers globally. A Mother of 3, she and her kids love serving, being active and traveling together. In her spare time she loves to eat chips & salsa.

Diane Banderas
MS, CSCS, PRT, motivational speaker

Diane is a youth strength and conditioning coach in Omaha, Nebraska. 

Her passion is working with kids to not only increase their performance, but increase their confidence in themselves as well. One of her favorite parts of being a coach is seeing an athlete develop overtime into who they were meant to be. All it takes is for someone to believe in them and guide them along the path. She works with both males and females, however, Diane has a true spot in her heart for young female athletes. In our world today there are so many images of what it means to be female thrown at these kids. Her goal is to empower, equip, and encourage girls to be confident in who they are. Even more so, to teach them that life is more about their heart and grit than it is about physical appearance. 


Throughout her entire life she has tried to never follow the crowd because that is “what everyone else is doing” Diane has a stick to her guns and do what she knows is right in her gut. She was never the best athlete or the most popular kid in school, but that didn’t matter! Her values and faith, and goals kept her on the path to today. She tries to do what others won’t, to get what others don’t have. Working harder for everything earned? YES! But she wouldn’t want it any other way. She went from being cut from her first volleyball tryout, to playing in college, not because she was magically better, but because working hard and perseverance. Diane went to the gym more than anyone else and did everything in the power to make sure that when she looked in the mirror, She was proud of the person staring back at me. 

professional puppy
chief joy officer

Bella loves to play, find new toys and explore her home. An adventurer at heart ready to bark and protect. Loves treats!